Montag, 24. September 2012

What I meant to ask you for some time now ....

Kinners, der Post richtet sich an meine Leser aus den USA, also seid mir nicht böse, wenn ich den jetzt NICHT noch auf Deutsch schreibe :-)

Dear friends and family,

I know I'm bad keeping in personal touch with you ever since I left the US for good. At least I call Mom once in a while to catch up personnally ...

However, blogging is a nice way to provide you with news from this side of the world (apart from connecting with some of you on facebook). Especially since you guys probably see more pictures of me and my family now than you did for the past (oh gosh!) almost 10 years ... And I'm very happy so many of you "read" my blog ... This is where this post comes in.

Now ... I think it would only be fair to write at least a short summery with the essentials in each post in English. Otherwise you get all exited - like Buzzy did - when you see Tira with her arm in a cast. Don't worry that was last year, one day before her 4th birthday .. all well now.

Please comment if you think that would be a good idea!

Thanks so much ....

Hugs & kisses - love always,


PS: Glad to hear Dad's out of hospital and being flewn out to Sebastian next week!

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